Reception 2018

Autumn 2

Miss Hughes

The children have settled into our daily routines and have explored the Unit during the last half term.

Now as Autumn is here and we are approaching Winter and Christmas there will be many different topics to explore in Reception.  These will include, Stickman, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Remembrance Day, Autumn, changes in the weather, keeping warm, and of course, Christmas.

We will soon be busy practising the songs for our Christmas play – a ‘must see’ performance from our Unit!  There will even be visit from someone special to finish the term!

Again, we will be working on the Early Years Curriculum, and will be re-assessing the children in these areas to see how they have developed and what our next steps of learning will be.

Our priorities for this half term will be getting the children to write their own name.  For those that are ready it will be sentence writing too. We are also working on phase 2 Phonics and practising these sounds daily. We are also encouraging children to use these sounds independently for writing. In number we want to be able to recognise numerals 1-5, count aloud from 0-10 and back again, as well as counting objects to match the numbers and combining two groups together.

We will be increasing the independence of our children and continuing our work on self-confidence, by encouraging turn taking, sharing and the use of good manners (please and thankyou).

Don’t forget…..

To bring your book bag to school everyday and keep it in your tray. Remember to keep your PE kit on your peg so it is there to wear for every PE and Dance lesson.

We ask for a donation of £3 each half term per child which we use for enhancing some learning areas such as providing extra snacks, baking activities.

Now that the weather is getting colder – Please bring a warm coat and a hat and some gloves.