Year 3

Year 3 topics

Stone Age, Light and Dark, Volcanoes, Rocks and Fossils, Ancient Egypt and Africa (plants and animals). Maybe revisit an old topic and see what you can remember!

  • Create a word search
  • Write a poem linked to the topic
  • Create a fact file of a famous person or significant invention
  • Create a piece of art for one of these topics


  • Make sure you are practising your 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 and 11 times tables and related division facts – you can do this using your TTRockstars login or play Hit the Button – practise your arithmetic and improve your mental maths with these practise worksheets – have a go at these mental maths tests. Ask someone to read out the questions to you. – revisit the topics we have already learned like place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division


  • Make sure you are practising your reading every day for at least 10 minutes. Write a book review about any book that you have finished reading. – practise improving your vocabulary and spellings by playing these games – practise your reading comprehension with some of these short reading tasks

Science – revise light, rocks and soil – here are some activities you can do linked to rocks and minerals

History – start researching Ancient Egypt for our new topic – see if you can learn some new vocabulary linked to our Ancient Egypt topic

RE – research an inspirational person

Geography  – play the timed games to learn as many countries and European capital cities as you can. Play again and see if you can beat you last score!


Year 3

Miss Naseer

Welcome back!


Our new topic is the Stone Ages! We will be learning all about the everyday lives of the hunter-gatherers, creating exciting cave drawings and discovering what the greatest inventions from the Stone Age to the Iron Age were.


In English we will be reading the story of The Stone Age Boy. We will be writing character and setting descriptions, and writing our own alternative ending to the story. We will be focussing on descriptive writing and grammar. We will be reading extracts from Stone Age Boy during our reading lessons. We will be focussing on the language used in the text and developing the children’s vocabulary. The children will also have daily spellings lessons and weekly handwriting sessions, to improve the presentation of their work.


In maths we will be focussing on place value to begin with. We will be representing three digit numbers up to 1,000. We will then use what we have learnt to solve addition and subtraction calculations. We will be recalling multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables, as well as using formal methods to solve calculations and word problems.

Forest school

Over the year, children will take turns in going to Forest school with Mrs Schofield. Groups of six children will be chosen every half-term. These children will complete an outdoor learning session every week. This term we will be den building, fire building, exploring nature and playing team games during PSHE.


This half-term in our weekly PSHE lessons, we will be learning about how to keep ourselves healthy and take care of our wellbeing with Miss Malalleu. RE will include teaching on The life of Muhammad. 

PE kit               

PE will be held onWednesdaysthis term and swimming will be on Tuesdays. Please make sure that your child has the correct PE and swimming kit on these days.


Homework is handed out on Fridays and needs to be completed and returned by Wednesday at the latest.Home learning includes completing one of the topic related activities each week.

Early morning reading and home reading books     

We ask that you support your child at home by listening to them read whenever possible and discussing the story that they have shared with you. Year Three offers an early morning reading program. This session starts at 8:30am and runs until school starts at 8.55am. It is important that all children attend early morning readers at least once a week.