Year 4

Hi Year 4


A few more weeks have gone by now in our strange little world! It seems to be flying by to me, I’m not sure how you all feel? Ramadan Mubarak if you are celebrating. I hope all is well with you and your families and that you are making the most of spending a special time at home with them.


I wonder if you have all seen the latest video I have done. Mr Smith has put it on YouTube (it has also been shared on the school Facebook and twitter). I read you a story, it’s a lovely book with fantastic illustrations.


Remember I would love to see any work you have done and it would be lovely to hear from you (via purple mash). Please see the updated word document below. If you have any questions your parents can email the school or send the Facebook page a message and it will get passed on to me.


Always remember; ‘When I look at my class, I see unlimited possibilities’! I miss you all very much. Stay safe and please keep smiling.




Miss Clegg


Updated Overview 23/04/2020

Updated Overview 31/03/2020

Updated Overview 11/05/2020

Home learning pack

Home Learning Pack 2

Home Learning Pack 3


Video Message from Miss Clegg 

Book Reading from Miss Clegg

Maths Games by from Miss Clegg

Video Message from Mrs Schofield

Video Message & Book Reading from Mr Smith

Video Message & Book Reading from Mr Smith [Part 2]

Video Message from Mrs Edwards

Video Message from Miss Mallalieu

Book Reading from Miss Mallalieu


Area And Perimeter To Help You

Divide By 1

Divide By 10

Division Loop Card


Multiply By 1 And 0

Multiply By 10

Multiply By 100

Perimeter Of A Rectangle

Perimeter Of Rectilinear Shapes

Perimeter On A Grid

Add and Subtract 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s

Add Two 4-Digit Numbers – More Than One Exchange

Add Two 4-Digit Numbers – No Exchange

Add Two 4-Digit Numbers – One Exchange

Arithmetic Test

Loop Card Game

Subtract Two 4-Digit Numbers – More Than One Exchange

Subtract Two 4-Digit Numbers – No Exchange

Subtract Two 4-Digit Numbers – One Exchange




1000 More or Less

Count in 25s

Counting in 1000s

Negative Numbers

Order Numbers



Captain Tom Moore Text And Questions

Living On The Ice Questions

Living On The Ice Reading Comprehension Text

Mars The Red Planet Text And Questions

VE Day Reading Text And Questions

Carnival Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

FA Cup Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Garden Birds Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Roald Dahl Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Usain Bolt Biography Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity




Conjunctions Work

Correct The Spellings



Add Punctuation


Correct The Spellings

Spag Mats

Other Prefixes

Prefix ‘im’ ‘in’ ‘ir’ ‘il


Practice your handwriting. Do not join your descenders like the sheet tells you too! You know how to do it.

Reading; band book and storybook

You have two comprehensions to have a go at!

Audiobooks for children on YouTube, for example, diary of the wimpy kid.

In each shed, there are lots of different videos. Below each video, there are different ideas for writing: (you have your login) (you have your login)

Write me a letter. Tell me how you are, how you are feeling and what you have been up to. It would be lovely to hear from you.

Send it to:

Coppice Primary Academy,

Burlington Ave,

Oldham OL8 1AP

If you put your address at the top I will write back to you.



Keep going with your homework menu!

Search Greek myths on youtube. There are lots for you to watch and learn about.

Online opportunities for learning



The Water Cycle

Ancient Greeks

Greeks Homework


The world