Year 5

Year 5 2018

Mr Mills & Mr James


Dear Parents/ Carers,

Welcome back to the Spring term. Here is an update about what your child will be doing in Year 5 this half term which will give you the opportunity to plan things at home to support their experiences.


Our topic will continue to be The Victorians. We have looked at the industrial revolution which saw lots of mills being built and also have looked at what life was like for the poor people working in those mills. To develop the children’s knowledge, we will investigate what Victorian school were like and what happened to those people who couldn’t afford to live – the workhouse! We have booked a trip to Quarry Bank Mill on Wednesday 16th January so we are looking forward to that.

Literacy (Writing & Reading)

We will continue to use the Victorian period as a stimulus for our writing. We will focus on biographies, balanced arguments, diaries and persuasive writing. We will be focussing on the skills the children need to write these pieces and will be using shorter writing tasks to build these skills up.

We will also be carrying on using Cogheart by Peter Bunzl. The children have really enjoyed reading this so far and we still have a lot of the book left! We will carry on using the book to develop reading skills such as deduction, inference and vocabulary.

Early morning reading

Your child has picked a day to come in from 8.30am and read with and adult. It is an excellent opportunity for them to enhance their reading skills and understanding. Please try to ensure your child comes in early at least once a week. Any support you can give at home listening to your child read is greatly appreciated.


We have focussed heavily on mental methods for the four operations and this term we will be mastering the written methods. We will continue to have our arithmetic lesson each week to keep the mental methods fresh. We will also be coming onto fractions later on in the term. We will continue our use of practical equipment when possible as a way of further building on the knowledge the children have.

As always, we will be continuing to work on times tables; any support you can give at home would be much appreciated. Remember that children need to be fluent in division facts as well as multiplication facts. (7 x 5 = 35 so 35 ÷7 = 5). We will carry on with mad minutes daily and don’t forget about timetables rock stars.


There will be weekly lessons of PSHE and RE delivered by Miss Mallalieu and Mrs Fowles respectively. These are very important subjects and work on building up children’s tolerance, respect and valuable life skills.


There will be no dance for year 5 this term. P.E will continue to be on Thursday and Friday. Please ensure your child has the correct P.E kit in school for indoor and outdoor sessions.


The children will have another homework project this term. We had a fabulous response last term showcasing some excellent home learning. Please encourage your child to complete 5 tasks to show what they have been learning about this half term.

As always, thank you for your help and support! Mr James & Mr Mills