Year 6

Year 6 2018

Mrs Webster

Could Zootopia ever be real?


We are basing our writing on the film, Zootopia/Zootropolis. We will be creating our own ultimate evolved animal to write a report about; writing a persuasive leaflet to visit Zootopia and also looking at the pros and cons of zoos in a balanced argument. Once a week, we will be doing comprehension tasks in preparation of the SATS, linked to our topic. National Geographic is a good website for further reading.

Maths: We are mainly looking at fractions, decimals and percentages this half term. This includes multiplying and dividing fractions, working with mixed numbers and improper fractions and converting between fractions, decimals and percentages.

Every Friday, we do a revision quiz, on a range of maths skills from this year and last year, which many of the children like to take home a copy of. Hit the Button and the Daily Challenge on Topmarks are useful games for practicing mental addition/subtraction, number bonds and times tables etc. You can also use to create free worksheets on a range of maths skills (such as + – x ÷ or fractions) with the answer sheets.

Topic: Linked to Zootopia, we will be concentrating on science this half term. We will be learning about animals and humans, animal habitats, and evolution including Charles Darwin and other related scientists. Our work at the science centre will link to this. We have already produced some fantastic art work based on the film’s Disney characters.

PE: Please make sure your child has a clean PE kit in school: a red t-shirt, shorts and appropriate footwear. PE is on Thursdays and Fridays with Mr Hatton. This half term they will be concentrating on gymnastics with the apparatus. Y6 also take part in the wake up shake up assembly and the daily mile.


We will be evaluating different zoo websites and looking at their usefulness and effectiveness. This will also help us with our persuasive leaflets.

Chester Zoo:

Year 6 are attending an evolution workshop at Chester Zoo on Tuesday 5th February. They need to be in school by 8.30 and will be arriving back at 4pm. It would be useful for them to have a rucksack to carry their drink/lunch around with them. They will also need to dress warmly and with appropriate shoes.

Other information:

Y6 are going to the Regional Science Centre in Oldham every Wednesday until the February half term to take part in a range of practical experiments. They leave at approx. 1.15 and return just before home time. Please do not book appointments on Wednesday afternoons if possible.

The children are continuing to have PHSE lessons with Miss Mallalieu and French lessons with Mr James on Monday afternoons. They are taught RE by Mrs Fowles on Fridays.

Morning readers with Mrs Schofield is on at 8.30 every morning, all children are welcome to come as often as they’d like.

Homework is due by Wednesday and given back on Friday. However, if your child is working on a larger piece of research/art/a model etc. then they do not need to bring a different piece in every week. The homework menu is a list of suggestions, and the children are encouraged to be creative, doing any homework relevant to the topic. I will not be giving out formal English/Maths homework; sometime I will give the children some worksheets as examples – it is not compulsory to do these; they are being given as reminders for the children who want to do extra practice.

It would be helpful if your child had a named water bottle in school.