Home Learning

Home learning at Roundthorn is very exciting. We endeavour to give our children an opportunity to share their learning with families at home and extend their thinking. We are giving our children the opportunity to present their home learning in a variety of different ways. The children receive a menu of activities under their current topic and choose from these each week throughout the half term.  The activities span all areas of the curriculum and give the children a chance to take ownership of their learning.
We are encouraging the children to use their speaking and listening skills, be creative, think analytically, problem solve and promote independence in learning. Extended research shows that this is the most effective way for primary aged children to extend their thinking and get the most from home learning.
We look forward to seeing your home learning!
Please visit this page for some inspiring ideas and hopefully spot a masterpiece from your child.
Please check our Twitter page for more examples of great home learning https://twitter.com/RoundthornCP

Reception – The Farm

Reception have been getting creative with their farm topic!

Year 3 – Africa

Zulaykha has created a giraffe wall head mount as part of our Africa topic. Our topic focuses on science and living things, including plants and wild animals.

Year 6 – Polar Explorer

Here are some of our home learning projects from our topic ‘Polar Explorer’. The children have created a selection of igloos and ice hotels along with a boat to explore the polar regions with and a piece of art work showing the colours of the northern lights.