At Roundthorn we believe that mathematics provides a means of communication which is powerful, concise and unambiguous.

We consider it to be an essential tool for life, a Key Skill, and a subject worthy of academic study in its own right.

It provides children with a means of making sense of the world in which they live. Building on their own experiences, it encourages thinking and reasoning skills to grow. It embraces natural curiosity and develops the confidence to tackle problems.

Mathematics comprises the study of relationships in number, measures, algebra, shape, space and data handling and their application to solving problems in a variety of situations.

The policy of our school is to use and reflect the current thinking on the National Curriculum to help in producing a balanced scheme of work, based on the National Numeracy Strategy, which provides for all children at their own level.

We intend the policy to provide a framework in which the programmes of study can be achieved.

We plan to ensure that all pupils follow a broad and balanced mathematics curriculum and that all National Curriculum Attainment Targets are balanced and links between them are effectively demonstrated.