Modern Foreign Languages at Roundthorn Primary Academy.

This year at Roundthorn Primary, we have embarked upon an Erasmus + Project to develop the language skills of 8 members of staff and begin links with a partner school in Toulouse, France.

Our children will be able to exchange letters and activities with our partner school in order to broaden their knowledge of both language and culture.

Mrs. Winterbottom and Mrs. Needham visited Carcassonne on a French Immersion Course in November, where they took part in intensive language lessons, cultural activities and methodology sessions.

The children will be introduced to the project as a whole school and we hope to encourage and build their enthusiasm in order to foster a love of modern foreign languages.

Children at Roundthorn currently receive weekly French lessons in KS2 and Y2 children have the opportunity to attend a French Club after school.

We also hold an annual celebration of French language and culture, usually around 14th July, to learn about the history of Bastille Day, a national holiday in France.