Roundthorn Ambassadors

Roundthorn Ambassadors are children from Years 2 to 6 who have been elected by members of their class to represent their views and ideas. The ambassadors collect the views and opinion s of their classmates and peers by holding ‘Class Council’ meetings each half term.  The ambassadors then meet to discuss these school issues and to be involved in making decisions, which will ultimately affect themselves and their peers. At Roundthorn we  actively  encourage all children to become involved in making decisions, this may involve decisions about a range of issues from ECO work to school menus or  include being involved in Learning Walks or  discussion about the level of challenge in lessons.  All discussions and decisions are minuted and any information or findings are then presented to Senior Leaders and Governors.

This years Ambassadors have worked together to create a vision statement that underpins their work over the year;
As Roundthorn Ambassadors we are the voice of the children, who help to support the school in making decisions and improving the school for everyone by working together.


They have also created an Action Plan that outlines what they intend to do to improve Roundthorn this year, some of the improvements they want to make are linked with our wider school improvement priorities. They are also very keen to ensure that Roundthorn’s achievements and excellent practice is shared by members of the local and wider community.

Click on the link below to see the full action plan.