Good attendance is vital if your child is to achieve and make good progress. We monitor attendance daily. Term time holidays are not authorised and could result in fines being issued.

If your child is ill, please telephone school before 10 a.m to report this. Medical evidence must be provided for each absence in order for it to be authorised.

Roundthorn Primary Academy does not authorise any holidays during term time. Fixed penalty fines will be issued to those parents whose children accumulate more than 10 unauthorised sessions in each term.

We reward good attendance with prizes in weekly assemblies and 100% attendance certificates and prizes given out at the end of the year. We have an active attendance display in the school hall which gives an up to date picture of class attendance scores, and whole school attendance. We encourage our children to take pride in good attendance and punctuality and to understand the importance of it.

Please take the time to read the annual attendance letter to parents, issued by Focus Trust (click on link below)

Attendance letter to parents