Special Educational Needs

On the 13/09/2018 we held a parents consultation to review and evaluate the accessibility policy and how Roundthorn could further promote equality of opportunity for children with Special Educational Needs and / or Disabilities and provide equal opportunities for all regardless of race, genger, sexual orientation, disability, religions or beliefs, gender reassignment, pregnancy or maternity.

Parents feedback

  • “There is regular communication which helps us to keep up to date with how my child is doing in school.”
  • “Everybody understands my child’s needs and how to support them.”
  • “There is good support from the teachers”
  • “I like that there are extra classes afterschool to help him with his learning.”
  • “There is a real focus on attendance and working together to help improve the attendance.”
  • “The children have a good relationship with all members of staff and enjoy coming to school.”
  • “You’re on the ball!”
  • “I feel that everybody has a really clear understanding of my children’s needs, what they are good at and what they need to do next to improve.”
  • “The interventions have really made a difference to how my child learns because he now wants to learn.”
  • “The school is helping in so many different ways and everybody is treated equally and they get the help that they need.”
  • “I have never come across so helpful staff.  They are really making a difference to my children.”
  • “The days are carefully planned based on their needs.”
  • “The meetings really give parents a chance to speak as well as listen to advice.”
  • “I really like at the meetings that you are able to say what’s important and what is great about your child before everybody else.”
  • “I am able to tell you how I am feeling as a parent.”
  • “You don’t make us feel like we are failing as a parent.”
  • “I love how we are given opportunities to come and watch interventions which help us with our children at home.”
  • “Roundthorn is very understanding about family’s situations and are able to offer support and advice.  It is like a family!”
  • “She enjoys everything she does at school and is much more relaxed and open at home.”
  • “My daughter feels like she belongs, she misses school in the holidays and is excited to come back after the summer.”
  • “The SALT advice tells me what I can do to help my child and it is brilliant how teachers come with me to the appointments.”
  • “The sensory room is amazing.  My son loves going in there.”
  • “I feel that my daughter has come a long way and that is because we have all worked together to make a difference.”
  • “At the meetings we set targets and these help us to know what they need to do next both at home and at school.”
  • “I can see my child really achieving because they have got the right foundation. That is what makes Roundthorn such an outstanding school.”
  • “All children can achieve and make good progress. They are not compared to somebody else.”
  • “In the meetings I really like how we start with the positives and that makes me feel so much better.”
  • “The teachers help the children to be more confident and be more independent in everything that they do.”
  • “What makes Roundthorn stand out is that this school has a bond with the children, my children do not have a single complaint about the staff.”
  • “There is a real sense of belonging.  The children know it’s ok not to be the same as anybody else.”
  • “Working with outside agencies works well.”
  •  “The meetings are really good because I can talk about my child’s progress.”
  • “My son’s 1:1 Key worker is happy to run regular meetings with me to update me on his progress.  They happen every two to three weeks or even sooner if we need to.”
  • “The sensory room is fantastic.”
  • “My child has been able to go swimming with another year group because we know how important it is to meet his sensory needs.”
  •  “Extra-curricular clubs for children are inclusive and my child really enjoys going to them.”

Pupil Feedback

  • “I really like dinner time because you get a little bit hungry when I do hard work.”
  • “I like playing outside with my friends with the hoola hoops.”
  • “Forest school is brilliant learning about plants, feeding the ducks and exploring.”
  • “I like doing art and painting pictures with my hands.”
  • “I like maths because my teacher helps me with my learning and tells me when I have tried really hard.”
  • “I like reading now because my teacher helps me with my reading and helps me know what the words mean.  It was a bit hard before!”
  • “She talks to me about the book and the pictures and helps me read more better.”
  • “I love reading!”
  • “I like going on trips like Extreme Air, swimming and the zoo.”
  • “When I am stuck my teacher shows me what to do so I can then have a go and do it myself.”
  • “I like reading with my teacher because it helps me to improve my reading and helps me to talk about what I have read.”
  • “The ICT teacher has helped me to learn more about E-Safety and the use of the internet so that I stay safe.”
  • “I like ICT because you get to learn new things that are really interesting that you can’t do at home.”
  • “I enjoy doing different calculations in maths and I get support from my teachers.”
  • “I enjoy history because you get to learn about the olden days”
  • “I like forest school because we get to care for the animals and the environment.”
  • “I really like having the chance to go to the tournaments and working together as a team.”
  • “I like doing art and I like drawing and I am really good at it.”
  • “I like playing with Meggan, playing in the sand and playdough.  It makes me really happy!”
  • “I like going with Meggan on a Friday. She has helped me so much!”
  • “I like doing forest school because I like to do different activities like building things, making fires, feeding the ducks and being free.”
  • “I like dance because it is so much fun and I like dancing.”
  • “I enjoy going to clubs like life skills because it is interesting how we use tools to make things. I enjoyed making the duck pen out of wood.”

At Roundthorn Primary Academy, our aim is that all pupils will achieve their full potential. It is essential for children to develop a positive self-image and opportunities for success must be provided for every child. We believe that all children are entitled to have access to a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum; and that every effort should be made to support each child in attaining the basic standards of literacy and numeracy which are essential in everyday life.

We recognise that each child has individual needs and may have additional educational needs at some stage in their school career. These may arise from learning or behavioural difficulties, physical disability or giftedness. Children develop and learn at different rates and it is important that we view their progress in a positive way. We will look at what a child has achieved and plan the next steps in his or her learning, rather than focusing on what s/he is unable to do.

We believe that early and efficient identification and assessment of pupils’ needs is essential so that targets for learning can be set and appropriate forms of intervention and support can be planned. Each pupil’s progress will be monitored closely and reviewed regularly in order to ensure that effective strategies are being used.

We aim to work as a team to support each other, sharing ideas, resources and expertise. The SENCo is available to assist teachers in formulating Individual Education Plans (IEPs), setting targets, choosing strategies and resources and reviewing progress. Children with AEN are a vulnerable minority and, to protect their interests, we aim to ensure that SEN provision is given equal status with other curriculum areas.

SENCO – Mr A. Hulmes (Vice Principal / SENCO / Inclusion Lead)
SEND Governor – Mrs F. Swift
Early Years Foundation Stage & Year 1 SENCO – Mrs S. Taylor
Early Intervention Lead & Year 2 – Year 6 SENCO – Mrs J. Winterbottom
Reading Intervention Lead – Mrs L. Edwards (Assitant Principal)

Please click on the links below to view our school policies

Roundthorn Primary Academy School Offer 2018

Roundthorn Primary Academy Inclusion Policy 2018 / 2019

Roundthorn Primary Academy Disablity Accessibility Plan 2018 / 2019

Roundthorn Primary Academy Disable Equality Scheme & Accessibility Plan 2018 / 2019

Roundthorn Primary Academy Disadvantaged Groups Impact Statement July 2018

Please click on the link below to access Oldham Council’s Policies & Local Offer

Oldham Council Children And Young People With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities Local Offer

Oldham Council SEND Written Statement of Action (WSOA)

Oldham Council Inclusion Policy

Oldham Council Local Offer

Oldham Council Reports, strategies, values, codes of practice (SEND)

Oldham Council Local Offer List

We are currently working towards gaining an accreditation for Special Educational Needs and / or Disabilities through the SENDIAS Award (Special Educational Needs and / or Disabilities Inclusion Award).

We are working towards this award to showcase the work that we do to support these children at Roundthorn.  

The SENDIA offers mainstream schools the opportunity to gain accreditation for high-quality provision and outcomes for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

The main aim of the award focuses on ‘outcomes’ for pupils and how we can demonstrate the impact of our SEND provision.

The award leads us through a process of self-evaluation, action planning and evidence collection before final verification and accreditation.

The award will help us to further develop and enhance our high-quality SEND provision by:

★further promoting the awareness of SEND issues and inclusion for all staff, parents, pupils and governors

★evaluating and improving classroom practice and interventions

★ focusing on pupil outcomes.

Successful completion of the award will enable us to:

★gain recognition for high-quality education and care for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities

★demonstrate to parents, governors and Ofsted inspectors that the school provision complies with current legislation and the SEND Code of Practice, and is effective in achieving good outcomes for all pupils.



Please click the images below to go to their website.

List of services and activities available in Oldham for Children and Adults

Young Minds


Mental Heard ORG








Ability Thai Boxing

Mahdlo Youth Zone,

Egerton Street, Oldham



From 13 to 25 years old0161 770 4864 or 0161 770 3676A weekly fitness session£2.50
Ability Wheelz Cycling Centre

Alexandra Park, Kings Road, Greater Manchester



From 5 to 11 years oldKevin Lanham



Tuesday 10am – 3pm, Wednesday 10am -3pm, Friday 10am-3pm, Sunday 11am-3pm, Wednesday Evening Sessions available 3pm – 7pm throughout the summer.
Adventure Based Learning

1 Tanner’s Mill, Greenfield, Oldham



From 7 to 70 years oldMark Hilton

0145 787 1617


Varies (sometimes free).
AJ Academy

839 Moston Lane, Moston,Manchester, M40 5RT

AJ’s Academy is an exceptionally different, independent service for adults with learning difficulties/disabilities. We are a professionally trained and competent service providing individuals with an excellent array of activities and opportunities. Our service is stimulating, challenging and exciting, but most of all fun!


Kimberley Heaton, Manager, 01612226011

manager@ajsacademy.co.uk        http://www.ajsacademy.co.uk



Open Monday to Friday 8:30am – 6:00pm, Saturday 10:30am – 3:30pm
Alexandra Junior Parkrun

Alexandra Park, Kings Road, Oldham



From 4 to 14 years oldEvery Sunday at 9.00am

All Nations Church OL1 3SE.

Contact Jonathon Griffiths Barnes 07977075998




Monday Social Club 11am-3pmCost £15 incl 2 course lunch and activities.


Ambitions Disco

Three Crowns Pub, 1-3 Manchester Street


Wide range of individuals attend with varying needs, individuals with complex needs would require support to maintain their safety and wellbeing.


From 18 to 70 years oldJonathan Griffiths-Barnes


Thursday’s 6-10pm, Sunday’s 12 noon-4pmSmall cost per week – contact Ambitions for details


Autism Friendly Cinema ScreeningsCineworld




All times, dates, contact details, films and cinema locations can be checked on the dimensions websiteDiscounted Cinema Card for Carer to go FREE.
Autism Friendly Monthly Activities at Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum

The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester

M13 9PL


5 – 16 yearsVictoria Grant

0161 306 1779


FREE activity

Parent/carer must stay, siblings are also welcome

Autism Youth Club

New Bridge School, Roman Road, Hollinwood




Children and young people under 260161 770 8614 (Monday and Thursday only)


Open Monday’s and Thursday’s 6pm to 8.15pm Open all year apart from Bank Holiday and Christmas period
Barrier Breakers

Youth Council Offices

Room 222, The Civic Centre, West Street, Oldham



From 11 to 21 years oldDayna Brannick

0161 770 4288 0161 770 3116


Monday evenings 6pm to 8pm
Blue Badge Department

The Link Centre, 140 Union Street, Oldham



over 18Jane Hanna

0161 770 4242

Caremark Oldham – Social Activities

Unit 7a – Ground Floor, County End Business Centre, Jackson Street, Springhead, Oldham



Any ageCarol Liaster

0161 627 0891


Cerebral Palsy Football (Chaddy Park Juniors)

Oldham Academy North, Broadway, Royton, Oldham, OL2 5BF

From 3 to 16 years oldJason@Chaddypark.co.ukSunday’s 10am to 12pm (every two weeks)
Choice Support & Transport

Viking House

449 Middleton Road, OL9 9LB


over 18Contact Keith – 07944 810 883 or 0161 628 0477


DIY Lego

The Link Centre, 140 Union Street, Oldham, OL1 1DZ


From 5 to 12 years oldDebbie

0161 770 4786


Extreme Air Oldham

Unit 1 B, Alexandra Retail Park, Park Road, Oldham, OL8 1DB

Any age0161 622 3733


Evening, Afternoon, Morning
Funky Fitness and Fun

Boarshurst Bandclub

Greenbridge Lane, Greenfield, OL3 7EW


Supports individuals with LD, Autism and some physical disabilities.  Support provided includes fitness sessions, healthy eating, and personal safety awareness and craft activities.

over 18Carita Smith 07706 709 492


9.30am – 3.30pm every Tuesday and FridayCost around £45 per day



Social club based at Rock St Resource centre

Social group individuals with LD, autism and other needs.

Weds eve 7pm-9pmNominal cost per week


Heathbank (Scope)

Day provision for individuals with complex physical and learning disabilities, autism and other complex needs


£45 per day including freshly prepared lunch


Heyside FC – Ability Counts and Disability Football Mash Up Sessions

Crompton House School

Rochdale Road, Shaw, Oldham, OL2 7HS


10 upwardsMark Senior

0776 495 328


Holiday Homes Trust

Gilwell Park, Chingford, London, E4 7QW

Any age020 8433 7290 or 020 8433 7291


Hydrotherapy Outreach Service

Bridge College

Openshaw Campus, Whitworth Street, Manchester, M11 2GR


Any ageKarien Van Elk


45 minutes slots are available: 3.30pm, 4.15pm and 5.00pm
JIGSAW Youth Club

The Honeywell Centre

Hadfield Street, Oldham, Hathershaw, OL8 3BP


From 5 to 11 years oldMartin Vose

0161 785 5176


Monday, 6-8pm
Link Centre Social Groups in conjunction with Oldham Disability Art Forum

The Link Centre, 140 Union Street, Oldham


over 16Myra Wyers

0161 626 5303 or 0161 770 4786


Mahdlo Youth Zone

Mahdlo Youth Zone

Egerton Street, Oldham



From 8 to 19 years old, or 25 with a disabilityAmy Taylor

0161 624 0111


Open 7 days a week. A range of sessions are available through the week
New Bridge Horizons

New Bridge Horizons

1 Medtia Square, Phoenix Street, Oldham, OL1 1AN


Post 19 provision provide by New Bridge Group, available for individuals with a wide range of needs from 19-25.  Individuals have opportunity to access community and activities within the base.  Timetable available on request.

From 19 to 25 years oldJohn Holland

0161 883 2403


Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm The service is open 50 weeks a yearStarts at £52.50 per day for 6 hrs, additional cost for 1-1, feeding and personal care support


Oldham Active

Various locations

Any age0161 207 7000


Oldham Phab Club

The Link Centre, 140 Union Street, Oldham

Oldham Phab Club


Any ageplease contact Link for details


There is a small Charge

based at Millennium Centre.

Support for individuals with LD and other needs.  Very flexible services “My day, My way”.  Opportunities to access crafts, IT, cooking, films, access to community and other activities.  Additional groups also run some evenings and advocacy is available if needed.


Contact Cath Rafferty 0161 633 5544


Cost £55 per day. 27.50 per half day or £9.00 per hour


Pathways to Opportunities

3 Bentley St Chadderton.  Behind Chadderton Town Hall.


Support individuals with LD, Autism, complex physical needs, and offer support in community as well as from base.  Individuals have opportunity to access activities in the base eg computers, music sessions, crafts, cooking.  Also accessing local community swimming, leisure activities and shopping.

0161 652 6466 contact Lila or Vicki.



Service open 7 days a week


Cost from £50 per day dependent on level of need, 1-1 support 15.00 ph



Pure Innovations

Boathouse Café

Individuals with an LD or autism.  Individuals have an opportunity to explore all aspects of working in a café including snack and drink preparation, stock rotation and ordering, customer services, cleaning and health and safety tasks.  Support provided as required to meet needs.  Individuals also have the opportunity to access other provisions within Pure Innovations Group.

0161 628 8224    Joe Williams 07703 887 466


Cost £44 per day 1-1 13.50 ph


Pure Innovations (Middleton)

Wide range of activities and opportunities in local area including luncheon clubs, community shops, social activities etc.


Contact Diane Barnes  0161 643 8146


Cost £44.00 per day


Selecta Day Service for Vulnerable Adults

The Canon George Community Hall

Chapel Road, Hollinwood, Oldham OL8 4QQ


Selecta is staffed by highly skilled and experienced staff with language skills in Pushto/Urdu and Punjabi. Mrs Shagufta Khan 07866791238 selecta@gmx.co.uk


Tuesday to Friday 9am to 3pm Female only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Mixed male and female group on Tuesdays.Cost £45 per day or £10 per hour


Shaw Centre in Harpurhey Manchester

Day provision, access to local community and various activities.  Cost of activities and lunch paid via personal finances.


Nicola Whitehead



Cost of £29 per day plus activities and lunch at nominal cost, visits welcome and trial day available on request.
The Terence O’Grady Club (For Adults with a Learning Disability)

St Anne’s ARLFC

Higginshaw Road




Social club for adults with a Learning Disability

over 16Phill Webber

0161 620 7986 or 07972501837


Leader Carole Kindon – 07780778810 Evening/Weekend Leader Carol Stacey – 07989423597 Evening/Weekend

Tuesday evenings from 19.00 to 21.00Nominal cost per week


Transport For Sick Children

Suite 338 SBIC

Broadstone Mill

Broadstone Road




Children under 18Anna Burns

0161 443 4122


Evening, Afternoon, Morning
V.I. Bees


Any ageRuth Walmsley

07780 466 410

Vestacare Oakdene Day Centre

1067 Rochdale Road, Blackley, Manchester

M9 8AJ


18 to 45 yearsDianne Newell

0161 220 5840


Visual Impaired Youth Group

The Link Centre, 140 Union Street, Oldham

From 11 to 18 years oldKeryn Green

0161 770 3110


Waves – Slaithwaite

Day provision with wide range of activities including work experience, basic skills, independence skills and a variety of social activities.


Contact Rachel Essen   01484 769 734






Wellbeing Service–

various work based projects across area

Grassroots Failsworth –

Allotments. Chadderton Park Garden Centre – woodwork, gardening, crafts etc. Support provided to a individuals with LD, autism and physical care needs Work based activity to work on employment skills and team work,  Individuals have opportunity to work alongside others on practical skills.

£43.05 per day, £25.00 half day


Wheelchair Football

New Bridge School

Roman Road




From 7 to 18 years old0161 883 2401


Youth Council Champions

Oldham Youth Council Offices

Room 222, Civic Centre, West Street, Oldham



11 – 21 yearsChris Lewis


Thursday evenings from 6pm to 8pm



Reading Interventions.


Please click here to find out more about our reading interventions.