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Roundthorn Primary Academy

Friends at Roundthorn

What is Friends at Roundthorn?

Friends at Roundthorn is a scheme that was set up in school initially, with the help of the NSPCC. It aims to help all pupils to be more tolerant and supportive of each other.

We recruit and select peer supporters from our Year 5 and Year 6 children. They are encouraged to put their name forward if they think they have the appropriate skills to become a Friend @ Roundthorn. They are then asked to fill in an application form at the start of the new school year and also parents are informed. The children are later interviewed in small groups by Mrs. Garth. Children who have had behaviour difficulties in the past will still get equal opportunities. The children that are successful are then trained to become peer mentors. Their role will be to support their peers alongside adults in the playground at break-time and lunchtime. They can be recognised by their purple jumpers.

Their training programme will include:

  • Team building
  • Listening skills
  • Establishing a helping relationship
  • Responding to emotion
  • Opportunities to share their own experiences
  • Confidentiality

In 2021-22, training took place at the Castleshaw Outdoor Centre in Oldham.