Proud to be part of the Focus-Trust

Roundthorn Primary Academy

Our Vision

At Roundthorn Primary Academy we place your child at the centre of the learning process.

We do this by providing:

A dedicated and committed team of staff.

A safe, happy and nurturing environment for the development of pupils, staff and parents, where everyone is valued and achievements are celebrated.

All children are given the opportunity to take ownership of their own learning.

A centre of excellence, with a curriculum that provides children with stimulating and challenging experiences, developing their knowledge, understanding, creativity and unique individual skills in response to their present and future needs.

Opportunities to excel in activities beyond the curriculum.

Equal access to the range of activities offered in school, where necessary finding ways to overcome any difficulties.

Opportunities for children, parents and staff to form beneficial and lasting relationships in a welcoming environment of supportive learning.

Learning and teaching experiences for children that develop their self respect, resourcefulness and responsibility.

Opportunities to raise their self esteem and develop sensitivity towards the needs of others.

Robust links to the local community and wider global community in order to enable our pupils to become confident, independent citizens of the future and to have respect for their own and others’ cultures, beliefs and views.

Focus Trust schools share 4 common values:


We also recognise and teach the importance of personal values as well as traditional British Values.