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Roundthorn Primary Academy

Parent Survey

At Roundthorn we take the views of stakeholders very seriously and endeavour to ensure that children, parents, staff and governors are given regular opportunities to feedback on the work we do within the academy. We will always be available to listen and have a compliments and suggestion box at the office for parents and visitors to use.

We also conduct an annual, general parent/carer survey. This is the main survey that we ask parents and carers to complete teach year and covers all aspects of our academy, from the happiness of their children to the quality of leadership within the academy. Outcomes are carefully considered by senior leaders.

In March 2023, 44 parents responded to our survey:

98% strongly agreed or agreed that their child was happy at Roundthorn

93% said they would recommend the school to other parents

Recent comments include:

"I like the way the Principal stands to welcome and say goodbye to the students...I'm satisfied that they are in a friendly, loving environment."

" I have studied at this school with my sibling and now my child is here and I'm really happy with the school."

"More able need to be pushed more."

“The Nursery is doing a great job for the learning of the children with all the activities for the children to take part in every day. It also provides opportunities for the parents to join in the sessions with the children. There is a fantastic outdoor play area for the children to enjoy.”

“The teaching staff and teaching assistants  are always so friendly and welcoming. My child really enjoys coming to school and has grown and developed both academically and socially over this school year through the amazing teaching.”

Parent voice – REAL Project

Roundthorn also runs the REAL project. This is a targeted programme for selected children which aims to support literacy development by working with them and their parents within the home learning environment. REAL events are also held in school every term where the parents of all children who attend the setting are invited to attend and join in.

“The REAL project is a fantastic opportunity for children to develop their skills and boost their confidence.”

“The nursery provides opportunities for parents to join in the sessions with children for the REAL events.”

Ofsted - Parent View

Parents can offer their views on the the school at anytime by visiting the OfSTED Parent View website (an email address is needed):