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The contribution of parents and carers to their child’s early development is crucial.  Strong bonds between parents and their children, are critical for the development of wellbeing.”

Here at Roundthorn Academy we aim to build on a child’s experiences from home. These experiences will be very different, but we challenge our children to become independent, imaginative and resilient through our exciting and varied learning opportunities.

You can help by encouraging your child to ‘have a go’, to ‘keep trying’, to ‘find another way’!

“Children begin to develop language from birth, and their progress depends on warm and positive interaction in safe, stimulating environments.  A flow of conversation that is responsive to a child’s interests and abilities is essential to their language and wider development.”

Developing Communication and Language skills is at the centre of our Early Years curriculum.  Being able to communicate your wants and needs and express your own opinions are essential to becoming an independent learner. Every aspect of our learning involves speaking (1:1, small group and whole class discussions) reading (listening to and retelling stories) and writing (mark making).  

You can help by asking questions, talking about a programme you have watched, talking about somewhere you’ve been or something you’ve seen, talking about houses or shops, signs in the street, photographs and pictures …

“Children need opportunities to move and to explore their surroundings through all their senses, to talk with adults and to play with them.”

Here at Roundthorn we have invested in our Outdoor Learning area which allows our children access to the outdoors during all weather.  With opportunities to investigate, role play, climb, make marks, write and have fun, our children have the best opportunities to explore and develop all of their speaking and listening skills as well as developing their imagination and their investigative skills.

You can help by going for a walk to the shops, visiting the library, park or a friend’s house, having a picnic, playing out on a scooter or bike, look at house numbers and street signs ….

All quotes taken from The Tickell Review 2011

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